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Words I Like

God is a silently beaming benefactor.

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The things that other people say about you when you’re not around is actually Very Important Knowledge and it would greatly benefit your life, if only you could think about it long & hard enough to figure it out.

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Lower Ocean

Our irate neighbor knocked on the door, and I answered. He was furious, coming to complain about the noise we made last night during a weekday party. The kids downstairs from us had slammed the door in his face. I … Continue reading

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the coziest universe

They make the universe look so comfortable in all the science shows; clouds of dust and gas rumple up like celestial drier sheets while awesome music plays in the background. They present a cosmos that you cannot help but want … Continue reading

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Everybody will do their best to convince you that they’re not a fucking idiot. But don’t worry. They are.

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The Conductor

I’d love to be a train conductor. All the years of training, working long hours at the station, and collecting ticket stubs would be worth it when, on the first night’s route, I would roll through my hometown and blow … Continue reading

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