A spinning box of rainbow rosepetals,
swirling behind eyelids black with night—
emotions folding inward, inward,
like tired ghosts joining the collective soul.

Downsize your dramas—mould like clay,
until you are dense, refined and lovely,
perfect in impenetrability.

These are my little beauties: packing, merging, chiseling away.
The things which get left out,
the things which aren’t there,
have presence too. They add.

My methodology is compression.
Damming. Smoothing. Calming.
Torrential rains which would sweep away slow down;
they fall softly; rippling, run; dripping, stop; are still.

We need not ride out the sunbursts of the soul as they loop fiery into space.
Contain, contain—in unity lies peace.

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