Strength like a Tiger

Be like a tiger in your strength,
with muscles ever rippling in the sun,
ever aware—every movement, every motion strong,
yet graceful and effortless.
Be like a tiger in the effort that you use—
just enough. Be fierce when it is needed,
and easy where it may, yet ruin not
the simple tasks with overkill and stress,
and shy not away from challenge.

For there will be a time to fight,
when you must flex your muscles, pounce and kill.
And this will take your strength to its limit,
or even over. As well it should.

And you will fail, your strength deplete,
and you will falter and be slain.
And just as well; but if there comes a time to die,
then die well knowing that you gave your all.
Leave no regrets upon this earth.

Be like a tiger in your strength,
who lies fierce even in repose.
Lean not upon your bones and sinews,
grinding them to dust and making yourself decrepit.
The oldest cats, though they grow sick and thin,
maintain themselves with dignity and poise.

Awake to the challenge of this world,
and meet it with your strength.
God made you a tiger,
so put on your tiger’s face.

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