Peace in the Afternoon

To sit and watch the world pass quietly by,
to see people, quiet people, swimming through the sunlight in the afternoon,
glinting and glimmering as they turn,
this is peace.

Detach from your desires, which would cause you pain and make you hide yourself,
and you will see, clearly, the character of the world outside your window.

Give it up—give up your striving, your worries, the idea that it is you, yourself, who is responsible for the way that things must go, who has been burdened with his own fate, and you will see that everything begins to lift up off the ground, starts to shine a little more, and that the blinders you’ve had on the whole time are now gone, and everything has a little bit more light. The way that things are is just fine—actually, it is ideal.

The way that plants shake and dance slowly in the soft wind, the way that hair sways, are the same—
and why should we seek to control one, but let the other go as a sign of natural beauty? Both are governed by the same hidden laws.
Peace is to give up your calamities, in every way, in every form.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

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