My Love like the Sun

My love like the sun
shines from within,
chemical compounds reacting, rebounding;
the warmth spreads outwards and
touches all of those who choose
to venture out of doors.

To love like a taser, cables spitting snakelike outwards,
electric pitons piercing two people, digging in,
is to do damage to that
which should shine easy, nonjudgment.

My love is internal, irrepressible energy expanding outwards,
not the sum of some equation needing balance,
x equals, y equals.

Would that I could touch all, embrace all,
and shine that golden evening light inside of me, and out,
and pierce the hearts of all, and pick them up and hold them like a father,
eternal in the fading light.

My love is the sun, calling
“Step out, step out.”

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1 Response to My Love like the Sun

  1. Lale says:

    Joe this is astounding. Bravo. I had an intimate experience with the Sun and I this morning.

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