Do I Dare Dream Again?

Do I dare start to dream again?
Is it time to put all these woes and all these trivialities behind me?
Do I once again sweep away all of the presumed things of importance
to open up that space, crepuscular space,
where dreams grow?

The creeping vines of dreams have been active inside me once again—
reaching, growing, bioluminescent ideas coming to life, in their time—
a multitude of slowly dawning suns,
filling me up, inside out, with light.
Do I dare start to dream again?

Thinking back, as always, to a time
when everything was perfect—
Or else, to a time where everything was close enough to perfect that I could make it so,
by squinting my eyes, by a willful act of perception—
and basking, basking in that memory and all of the feelings that came along
within that blessed time.

And inevitably, thinking of you—
Catalyst of all that growth, harbinger of love and
muse to my wistful soul—
Do I dare start dreaming again?
And am I foolish to think
of dreaming of you again?

The perfection of a person and the perfection of an ideal
are one in the same, though one appears the greater in the mind—
your temporary moments of perfection,
their import to me,
have crystallized in your personality, perfect forever
in your imperfect personhood.
Making you perfect. Making you
a perfect person.

But it has been so long!
So long—relatively.
And I wonder, perfect person that you are,
if my perfect ideal will ever match your excellence again.
When last we spoke I was awash in the mire,
in the mediocrities, suffering on my own accord.
What had even happened?
What happened between us?
Am I foolish for dreaming of you again?
No, I don’t think so—for you were, and still are,
the signpost of my soul. The greatest hits.

Ich denke an dir—I’m thinking on you—
Pensando en ti—you are the substrate and the context
in which I frame all of my thoughts and all my dreams, you angel—
Whether or not my ideal matches the extent of your perfection,
I am no fool for dreaming in you.

I do dare. I am no fool. It is time to begin dreaming again.
It is time to dream, dream big, dream astronomical and infinite—
and you are my chart, my road map to the stars.

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