Note to Self

I took some time out yesterday to make this reminder for myself, and it lives on my computer desk now.

If you’ve been thinking about something, forget about any distractions and just do it. It’s really that simple. If it’s been on your mind, it’s probably important. Nine times out of ten you’ll look back and think “Boy, I feel much better with that out of the way.”

There’s a lot you can accomplish better without thinking, big things and little things. For me, the challenge is avoiding distractions and just plain doing the important stuff. I know what matters to me; it’s just to do it. What are some things that have been on your mind, and why haven’t you done them yet?

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1 Response to Note to Self

  1. adamcmadison says:

    “What are some things that have been on your mind, and why haven’t you done them yet?”

    Getting rid of the Internet.

    I had it done for me these past three days. It makes me want to stick with it. The only thing, it turns out, I really want it for:

    – Jobs
    – Accessing my blog (organization skillz)
    – StarCraft
    – To a lesser extent: Facebook, because phone talk is considered intimate nowadays (johnz)

    It’s crazy how much time you have when you’re not living in the accelerated pace of modern technology.

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