Words of Encouragement

hey everybody

I just wanted to say that I love you all. Each of you is beautiful, amazing, funny, awesome, and the world would be much worse if you weren’t around.

Don’t do shitty, stupid things to yourself, because you deserve the best, and you deserve to do the best you can to yourself. You’re worth it. You’re the best.

I want every single person I know in my life to never sell their self short, never settle for something they know isn’t the best for them, never think that at the end of the day they aren’t important, talented, special, unique.

Even if you don’t believe in yourself temporarily, don’t let it get to you. Even if it seems like the whole world is against you, know that it’s not. When it feels like you don’t have anyone in your corner, know that there’s at least one person there: me.

Life is amazing, and YOU are amazing. Don’t fucking let anything get to you, because god damn it, you are SO important to me. Nothing is worth hurting yourself over.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too far removed from the people I love, like I can’t do anything to help them or I can’t sway them from their bad decisions no matter what I do. If I can have ANY impact at all on the wonderful people I have in my life, I want it to be this. You are incredible; as long as you live, don’t forget that.

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2 Responses to Words of Encouragement

  1. jejunejesuit says:

    Shamelessly copied this from my facebook 😛

    Wishing you an amazing 2012

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