Better and more helpful than adopting any set of rules or particular ideology is to come to the realization that you are your own person; that your decisions and your desires are all in your best interest, that your own personal praxis and the work invested in making your imaginings become reality are the things that will save you, and not the adherence to others’ doctrines.

In trusting that this is so you start to open up a powerful state of mind wherein you own yourself and all your decisions, fully embrace their consequences, and learn the quicker from those actions and the circumstances that befall you as a result.

You also acknowledge the truth of your subjectivity, the fact that no one knows the idiosyncrasies and the feeling of your own life like you do, and in doing so uncover wonderful opportunities to nourish yourself, engage with the world around you, and undergo richness and authentic experience.

Your perceptions garner validity, your observations become more piercing and astute. This is due to the weight you’ve placed upon them as the basis for your unique actions. Your judgments become trustworthy, because you are in fact learning to trust yourself.

Make the jump from adherent, role-player, to experiencer, liver. Immersing yourself in your own personhood provides an avenue of fulfillment that nobody in the world can close off. Alignment with your style, your preferences—doing things simply because you want to—is intrinsically fulfilling. With no one’s expectations to validate other than your own, you will be amazed once you reap the fruit your actions have sown.

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