Based on a True Story

An angel graced me from above,
and filled my life with love and light.
She shone as fierce as any sun;
I saw her star within so bright.

The calm of many days has passed
since she enmeshed herself with love.
The earth has turned, the lands below
been warmed by radiant light above.

I’m now alone, for she has had
to answer heaven’s drab recall.
Suppose she there, as happy be,
as when we made an earthly all?

She told me Joe, despair you not;
within you light is to be found.
I to my lot must now return.
I’ll see you soon—next time around.

She made a sun within my soul,
ignited first celestial spark.
Those atoms smash within my mind—
their stress illuminates the dark.

She told me now to happy be,
await no Earth-return so meek;
Keep working on yourself, she said,
and I in heaven will you meet.

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