Winds of Change

Winds of change,
take me far away from here.

When you blow across my skin,
bearing scents of far-off isles,
I tingle too, thinking of your possibilities,
dreaming, looking ahead
to untold adventure,
the promise of the unknown,
the ecstasy of pleasures yet unlived.

Things are good now here, on my porch;
a girl is just a girl, and I a man;
But your call speaks of birds in flight,
tropical air under wing,
or pumas on a mountain prowl.
These are the pleasures which I seek—
the universal, transcendental, supra-human.

I want to be a dolphin in your seas, oh World,
a bug in your garden,
a snail in your soft grass.

And when your vapors crawl across my skin,
I catch
the current of the world,
the truth that all is motion,
the dynamo of inner electricity.

You winds of change, desert me not,
and blow me far, far,
far away from here.

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