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Do I Not Have This Same Love Still Within?

Do I not have this same love still within? This sweet pain of the heart—fledgling bird that once I fought for, bled for, as it flew into the outer world— is dead, a tragedy, for its enduring memory and my … Continue reading

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Media & Inspiration

I am trying very hard. They say that one only rises to the level of his or her expectations. That you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. That you are what you eat. I am trying … Continue reading

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Winds of Change

Winds of change, take me far away from here. When you blow across my skin, bearing scents of far-off isles, I tingle too, thinking of your possibilities, dreaming, looking ahead to untold adventure, the promise of the unknown, the ecstasy of … Continue reading

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Loving Your Life and Cherishing Others

About a week ago, I got an email from my uncle. I read it in the morning, and I cried. I read it again that night, and I cried again. Two hours later, I set up this website. To know … Continue reading

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